We all need to be able to get from point A to point B – in order to go make a living, have a social life, or even just to pick up some bread and milk. Not only will a trusty second hand car from WP Motors get you there in the exact same amount of time as a brand new luxury vehicle (assuming you stick to the speed limits – which I’m sure you do, you conscientious driver you!), but it will certainly be easier on your pocket book. That’s just the first of a million reasons we could give you to buy a good second hand vehicle; but this segment has limited space, so here’s 4 more:

5 Reason to buy second hand cars

  1. Escaping the depreciation cycle – Like we said before, buying a used car will save you money right off the bat. Theoretically, the older you go, the cheaper the car gets because of the laws of depreciation. What they don’t tell you is that the rate of depreciation is highest when the vehicle is brand new. The first owner of the vehicle absorbs that depreciation in value for you, the buyer looking at purchasing second hand. Some models lose 40% or more of their value within their first year on the road – allowing you to purchase a gently used vehicle a year later, at half the original cost!
  2. Insurance – When purchasing a vehicle second hand the monetary value of the vehicle is lower, thereby costing you less in insurance premiums than a brand new car would.
  3. Avoid paying for useless extras – Bottom of the range brand new vehicle suddenly being released with decal on the doors and costing an extra couple of thousand? With no increase in resale value? When you purchase a car second hand you may not find every extra you are looking for, but at least you won’t be paying through the nose for a bunch of useless add-ons you didn’t actually need or want.
  4. The world is your oyster – By applying your budget to second hand vehicles you may suddenly have access to car brands and/or features that were out of your financial reach if you purchased a new vehicle.

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