Awesome Cape Town Day Trip Ideas For The Holiday

“Mommy, I’m bored” – Cape Town Day Trip Ideas

With the school holidays looming and the festive season creeping ever nearer so do cries of “mommy, I’m bored”. Moms and dads with kids know exactly what I’m talking about – kids want out of school every day that they’re in it, but by the second week of the December holiday they get restless at home and start looking for any excuse to get out of the house. Here at WP Motors we know a thing or two about budgets; we help meet them, make them, and work around them so that you can drive your dream car, and so we know money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 3 Cape Town day trip ideas and activities in and around Cape Town that the whole family can enjoy without breaking the bank!

Get your nature-lover on:

Cape Town (and surrounds) is home to some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the whole world; and most of them charge incredibly small (if any) entrance fees! Why not pack a picnic basket, load the kids into the car, and go and enjoy a picnic in the botanical gardens? Pick a botanical garden with a body of water and your children may even be able to feed some ducks (if the garden allows this, of course), or, alternatively, do some bird watching or insect cataloging to turn a family picnic into a learning opportunity! Learning doesn’t need to stop at the end of the school year!

Cape Town Day Trip - WP Motors
Kisrtenbosch Botanical Gardens

A day at the beach 2.0

Instead of a regular old day trip to the beach make an adventure out of it! Create a scavenger hunt for your children listing things they may find at the beach (or even better, specific beaches) and drive along the coast visiting a handful of Cape Town’s gorgeous beaches and completing the list! You can photo-document your findings and set the kids up making a scrapbook as their next stay-at-home activity! Ideas for items on the scavenger hunt list may include:  The marker where the two oceans meet if you’ll be driving to Cape Agulhas or the giant sunglasses sculpture at Sea Point Promenade. This game can be customized to include markers that are incredibly specific or more general and can even be used to teach your children a lesson about ecology and oceanic preservation – teaching them to leave only footprints and take only photographs is a timeless lesson!

Cape Town Day Trip - WP Motors

Take a hike

Every able-bodied person visiting or living in Cape Town should hike Lion’s Head at least once – with an easier trail for the whole family, or a steeper ascent featuring ladders and areas that require you to navigate ledges with the assistance of chains, for the more adventurous family, perhaps with older children, hiking Lion’s Head with the view to watching the sunrise from its summit is a holiday must!  Arriving before sunrise allows you to hike Lion’s Head, picnic-breakfast and watch the sunrise from its summit and then hit the beach at one of Clifton’s pristine beaches before heading home in the afternoon – a day trip featuring sand, surf and a summiting!

Cape Town Day Trip - WP Motors

Do you have any ideas for a fun, family-friendly and cost-effective day trip in Cape Town?

Cape Town Day Trip - WP Motors

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