Car Insurance – Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy?

Going down, down, down, down: Getting the best price on car insurance

You’ve spent weeks, if not months, looking for the perfect car insurance. You’ve finally identified your dream car, but it’s a little out of your price range, so you decide to skimp on the insurance and BAM, you’re blindsided and end up in a fender-bender and now your new dream car is worth zippo and you’re back to square one only without any of the money in your pocket that you spent on the now-totalled, uninsured car.

Statistics suggest that as many as 65% of South African motorists are driving without insurance, and this can wreak havoc on your finances if you do find yourself the victim (or instigator) of a traffic accident. That’s where we come in! We here at WP Motors are proud to help you get the best price on your car insurance:

  1. Play the name game

Have you ever added an extra adjective before your job title to make yourself sound more accomplished; called yourself a chef when really you’re a kitchen staffer; added an “executive” before ‘manager’ to talk yourself up on a date? Well, turns out it could be costing you more if you do so on your car insurance applications! Better stick to the truth on the official forms if you’re hoping to get the most out of your insurance company.

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  1. “When I was your age!”

Lying about who the primary driver of the vehicle is on the insurance forms is highly illegal – that doesn’t mean you can’t add an additional, more experienced, older driver with a clean record to your insurance policy as an occasional driver of the vehicle – this may even bring down your monthly premium!

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A newly licensed driver through the eyes of an insurance company
  1. Waiting patiently

The quickest way to save money on your car insurance is holding out for that ‘no claims’ bonus – not only will you get cash back, but your rates may be adjusted accordingly due to the fact that you’re considered a lower insurance risk – you’ve basically proven that you’re low-risk by going x-amount of time without claiming and depending on your insurance policy and company you may receive more than just the cash-back as a reward.

What are your go-to bargaining chips when it comes to negotiating lower monthly premiums?

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