2017’s Top 5 New Releases: SA Car Launches 2017

Happy New Year from us to you! We all know that the New Year inevitably brings with it a series of disappointments; this year is two weeks old and most of us haven’t joined that gym, have eaten take-out more times than we’re willing to admit and have broken or failed to live up to about 100 other New Year’s Resolutions. But do you know what won’t disappoint in 2017? That’s right: 2017’s Top 5 New Car Launches!  WP Motors is proud to present:

new car launches 2017 - wp motors

Car launches in South Africa in 2017

  1. The Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic

Dubbed “the most powerful E-class ever” by Cars.co.za, the Mercedes-AMG E63 will only be made available in South Africa in the S-model (The Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic, as opposed to the Mercedes-AMG E63). Shirle Greig, for Mercedes Benz, justified the decision to release only the S-model in South Africa by saying that the company believes South Africans will pay the premium associated with the S-model of the vehicle because they crave the higher powered outputs and the improved specs the model has to offer. The big change for Mercedes comes in with the “4Matic” function – the Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic is only available in all-wheel drive. Mercedes-Benz reckons this allows torque to be distributed to the front and rear axles in a variable manner, thereby improving the sedan’s agility.
new car launches 2017 - wp motors

  1. The Lexus LC500

Scheduled for launch in South Africa in June/July 2017, this V8-engined vehicle is Lexus’s answer to the luxury sports car. With a stunning body, that Cars.co.za describes as “dramatically sculpted”, the Lexus LC500 apparently has looks that’ll stop traffic; so to speak. A luxurious ride, as one has come to expect from this car-manufacturing giant, the Lexus LC500 is the epitome of smooth sailing.

new car launches 2017 - wp motors

  1. The New & Improved Lexus IS

The Lexus IS sedan has gone under the knife last year and is looking forward to making its debut in 2017 in style. Aesthetically, the new-release Lexus IS features a revised front-end design featuring standard LED headlamps alongside the new, “more sculpted hood” and bumper says Cars.co.za. The Lexus IS has also undergone additional design changes to the rear of the vehicle, as well as the interior panelling, and features all-new alloy wheels. Fitted with a cutting-edge infotainment system featuring an over-10inch screen, the new and improved Lexus IS brings it all to the table.

new car launches 2017 - wp motors

  1. The Suzuki Ignis 

Scheduled to launch in May, the Suzuki Ignis is described by Cars.co.za as being “rooted in affordability, practicality and youthful style”. Truly unique in style, the blocky Suzuki Ignis is playful in design and weighs only 810kg! Don’t let this light weight fool you; the Suzuki Ignis can manoeuvre dirt roads just as well as city streets; especially in all-wheel drive. With special attention paid to safety features and quirky design elements; this crossover by Suzuki is the ideal car for the young and young-at-heart.

new car launches 2017 - wp motors

  1. The Audi Q5

The new premium SUV by industry dominator, Audi, is set to be launched in South Africa in the third quarter of this year. While generic and “safe” in terms of design, Cars.co.za assures us that the interior is luxurious, with special attention paid to comfort, if not aesthetic. The last word on the Audi Q5, according to Cars.co.za, is then that it is “exceptionally well-engineered, smooth-riding and refined”.

new car launches 2017 - wp motors


*compiled from information obtained from Cars.co.za

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new car launches 2017 - wp motors

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