Ensuring your car is well maintained is vital and every car owner should be doing small things to not only prolong the life span of your car, but also to keep yourself safe on the road. Following your maintenance schedule is one way you can make sure your car is kept at its peak performance, but there are other things you can also do in between regular car services.

Check your air filter – Your filters should be changed every 12 months or 20 000km, whichever comes first. Filters are usually checked with every regular service, but you can do this yourself as well.

Fluids and tyre pressure – Your fluids and your tyres are very important components of your car, and have a habit of running out very quickly. Checking these once a month when you put in your first tank of petrol for the month only takes about 10 minutes, and can ensure your car runs smoothly.

Check your battery – Checking your battery regularly only takes a few minutes, and you should never ignore your low battery sign or signs of a worn-out battery. Check for leakage and any build up around it, and don’t leave lights on in your car that cause your battery to run down when not in use.

Change your spark plugs – If it starts to feel like your car is not running smoothly, one of the reasons could be your spark plugs. They usually last around 50 000km and while they are checked in regular services, it won’t do any harm checking yourself and replacing them if needed.

Check your tyres – Making sure your tyres are rotated and balanced will prevent your tyres wearing out and make them last longer too. Tyres don’t wear off evenly, so by rotating the back and front tyres, you balance the wear and make them more durable too. Your wheel alignment can also be done on request when you take your car for a service.

Clean your windshields & replace your wipers – Not cleaning your windshield makes accumulated dirt reduce your ability to see, and with the rainy season, replacing your wipers can save your life and prevent possible accidents.

Check your brakes – If you notice your brakes aren’t stopping as quickly as they should or if they start making a noise, it means it’s time to have those brake pads and discs checked and replaced if needed. Also ensure your brake fluid is topped up and full.



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