The answer is … it’s changed quite a bit!

Bigger and heavier, the VW Golf GTi Clubsport Edition 40 is just as much fun as the original, if not more so.

2017 VW GolfOver 40 years ago, a group of Volkswagen engineers put Bosch’s latest fuel injection system on an Audi 80’s engine, put that package in a Golf and kept their fingers crossed during the next board meeting.

GTI Does Not Follow!

The GTi was the first hot hatchback done properly, and it’s still around because it was done so well from day one. While the GTI Clubsport S got rid of its rear seats to become the fastest front-wheel drive car, the latest Clubsport Edition 40 is not too bad on B-roads either, packing 258 ft.-lb. of torque and 261 horsepower, with that figure climbing to 286 for ten seconds on overboost.

The profile of the Golf GTi Clubsport is based on the original. The 1st generation Golf GTi was characterised by a black stripe on the side between the front and rear-wheel arches and is still a popular addition to VW personalization today. This special model, however, is enhanced with the lettering Clubsport. The car sees a generous use of gloss black and dark black-red LED tail-lighting.

The new GTi pays homage to the original, continuing the unsurpassable legacy of its predecessor.

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