Where to look for a Second Hand Vehicle?

So your jalopy’s coughed and wheezed its way to the side of the road, you pop the hood, it’s no good, this puppy’s breathed its last breath. Now what? Whether you consider all cars point-A-to-point-B machines and couldn’t be bothered to fork out more for a brand new one. Or you simply don’t have the money for a brand new vehicle, you need to find a reliable second hand vehicle fast! Good news! You’ve got options! You can find a second hand car near you, today. Here are 3 places to start looking before considering to go to places like Autotrader or OLX.

Second hand vehicle for sale - WP Motors:

  1. We – Are – Family!

In a pinch you might find yourself borrowing the family car – be it technically your mother’s, brother’s or your third-aunt-twice-removed’s, odds are it’s far from a permanent solution – unless… If you’re looking into taking a family member’s car off their hands, kindly insist on doing everything above board – you have the right to an accident history report, you have the right to request proof that the car is roadworthy, you can’t be pussyfooting around the big issues because you’re afraid of stepping on somebody’s toes…the same goes for:

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Your buddy knows you’re looking to find a second hand vehicle at a good price, he tells you he’ll lob his souped-up Golf GTI your way for a fair price – you’re tempted. You can take the car today, you know this guy, he’s above board, but is he? Are there outstanding fines that need paying? When last was the car serviced? It’s always tricky asking our nearest and dearest the tough questions. Having been in the business of sourcing, buying and selling second hand cars for as long as we have, we’re always going to be of the opinion that this is a job best left to the professionals, who know what their doing:Second hand vehicle for sale - WP Motors

  1. Let’s get down to business.

If you need to find a reliable second hand vehicle on the clock, WP Motors is your one-stop car-shop! With the latest models at the best prices, all our cars have passed roadworthy tests. We’ve also got the answers to the kinds of questions you should be asking! Want to see a vehicle’s service history? No problem! Want to take a look at a comprehensive accident history report? You betcha! Here at WP Motors we’re concerned with getting you back on the road with a smile on your face – why not trust the experts to help you find your second hand vehicle today?

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