Some of these cars were instantly favoured by bad guys because of how they looked. Here are the foremost the top 10 scariest cars ever released.

Buick Regal GNX

Enthusiasts have nicknamed the Buick Regal GNX the “Darth Vader” car because of its stealthy appearance, featuring a black grille and black paintwork. The GNX was a collaboration between Buick and McLaren.

Jaguar 420 G (MK X)

The notorious London gangster duo, the Kray twins, famously drove the Jaguar 420 G (MK X) in the 1950s and 1960s. Its intimidating appearance instilled fear, even at a standstill, making anyone who saw it in their rear-view mirror feel threatened.

Mercedes 600 Grosser

Nothing is scarier than seeing a Mercedes 600 Grosser. A dictator is usually sat in the rear seat of the car and if you do not move your car out of the way, you would possibly disappear forever.

Mercury Marauder

The Mercury Marauder could be a properly evil muscle car. The Marauder seemed like a spy’s car. It had been black with chrome wheels, and it had that menacing look which no other car could achieve. This car was a pure badass.

Corvette C7 ZO6

Just by looking at the C7 ZO6 and you’re feeling the fear running throughout your body. The C7 ZO6 incorporates a rumbling supercharged 6.2 V8 under the hood with 650hp and 640 lb-ft of torque. Over any stock Lamborghini Huracán.

Mercedes 770

Dictators have owned it, and it is a car that inspires fear in anyone who lays eyes on it. It is a car that appears grand, and it demands respect everywhere it goes.

Jaguar XJR (X308)

It didn’t just look mean with its four-headlight grille setup, it is a proper muscular car that featured a large supercharged 4.0 V8 with 370hp and 387 lb-ft of torque. We should list this car as one of the most effective Jaguars ever in terms of inducing fear.

Lamborghini Aventador

The Aventador handily is the wildest-looking Lamborghini ever. It’s a fighter aircraft for the road with 690hp and a top speed of 217 mph. The Aventador may be a car that scares anything and everything out of its way.

Mercedes S600 W140

The S600 W140 commands respect. It’s 12 cylinders; it’s an outsized number on the trunk and it is therefore the 3-pointed star is on the hood. This is often no ordinary luxury car. This car was designed to forcefully maneuver through traffic, which made it a favorite among mafia bosses.

Mercedes G-Class

The G-Class may be a threatening-looking SUV. The G-Class designers originally aimed for a tough and rugged look suited for army use only. However, they kept the same design but enhanced it to create a more luxurious appearance for the road models.

These are the most scariest cars!

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