Tips on navigating load shedding behind the wheel

March is here and we’re already in the third month of 2020. Eskom unfortunately has called on load shedding as a necessity to keep the electricity-grid stable. As most traffic lights rely on electricity, load shedding can cause terrible traffic. We have put together some helpful advice to help you navigate the darkness.

Navigating an intersection that has no traffic lights

When load shedding hits it is important to navigate an intersection as a four-way stop. When you get to the front go slowly through the intersection, keep track of the path of each car and give them time to get across.

Your car is a power source

Your car is a great power source for charging mobile devices so remember to pack your charging cable for every trip you take.

Have plenty of airtime

Load shedding affects our cell phone towers which in turn affects cell phone reception in areas, namely reception for applications like WhatsApp. Make sure you have enough airtime to send an SMS or make a call.

Light your world

A high-wattage torch or solar-powered lamp is an essential during load shedding. We often don’t realise how well-lit our route or area is until we need to get our vehicle during load shedding. Consider purchasing solar-powered outdoor lights for your home to light the way at night even when there’s no electricity. 

Safety first

Most of us have an electric gate or garage door which can cause problems during load shedding. Make sure someone can meet you to open gates/doors and keep an extra eye. Most security companies will offer this service if you pre-arrange it with them.

Local radio to the rescue

Local radio stations are a great source for traffic updates. Before the hour, tune into a local station for the news, local traffic reports and some happy tunes.

Information is power

Plan Plan Plan! Keep a printed map or the mobile app of the load shedding zones in close reach with the accompanying scheduled blackouts. What should have been a quick trip can become a pilgrimage during load shedding, so we advise on adding a minimum of 30 minutes to your travel time in these dark times.

WP Motors encourage all road users to play their part in keeping our roads safe during this load shedding period and to be extra observant during these blackouts. Arrive safely at your destination and return safely back home.

Source: WOW (09 December 2019)

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