Tips to survive travelling with children this Festive Season.

The festive season can be one of the worst times to take on the roads, but we all need to get somewhere somehow. Chances are that you are embarking on a long journey which can prove to be difficult with kids in the car. It’s hot, the roads are busy, it’s the silly season and sometimes that means some silly driving from a handful of road users then just add kids into the equation and voila – chaos!

Children have loads of energy and don’t take well to sitting still for long periods at all so here are 5 tips to keep you sane during your journey:

  1. Plan ahead! – Check if there are any roadworks or roadblocks that might cause delays and try to use an alternative route to avoid the extra time on the road and the kids adding extra stress to your journey. If you do get held up in roadworks or roadblocks make sure that there are snacks and drinks to help ease the wait. Packing a pillow for the kids is always a good idea – peace and quiet.
  2. Start refreshed! – You are carrying precious cargo, you can’t afford to let your guard down, you need to be alert at all times. Don’t rush to start your journey and make sure that you are well rested before you take on the long road. Feeling rested will also help you to cope when your patience is being tested. Traveling in the day time is best as you will be more alert, and your vision and concentration will be at its peak.

  3. Seat belts everyone! – This basic rule is sometimes easily overlooked. Make sure that everyone is securely strapped in before turning the car on and babies need to be in their car seats. If you and your passengers are not strapped in and the car comes to a sudden halt or you are in an accident it can truly end up in a life or death situation.
  4. Keep the kids busy! – Don’t rely on electrical devices and rather take the time to engage with your kids. Play car games such as “I spy with my little eye” or “count the red (any colour) cars” – there are loads of these types of games and you can use your imagination.
  5. Stop along the way – There are always interesting places to stop at on a road trip such as heritage sites, farm stalls, small eateries, lookout points or historical sites and these are great places to get out and look around while stretching your legs. Take loads of interesting pics to add to your holiday memories.

Stay safe on the road and enjoy the journey!

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