Top 10 Best Selling Pickup Trucks For South Africa

South Africa’s Favourite, Top 10 Best Selling Bakkies 

In no particular order (as these change month-to-month and certainly have changed from 2015 to 2016), WP Motors is proud to bring you:

  1. Toyota Hilux

Having stood the test of time, the first bakkie that comes to mind when thinking ‘South Africa’s favourite bakkie’ is the Toyota Hilux. Currently marketing its eighth-generation model, the Toyota Hilux has often struggled to maintain its advantage over the Ford Ranger when it comes to units sold, having triumphed in the later months of 2015, but sold fewer units than its primary competitor in Feb and the early months of 2016.

However, the Japanese car maker celebrated a major milestone in 2015: having sold 1 million Hilux units in South Africa alone since the Hilux first hit markets in 1968.
Best selling bakkies - wp motors

  1. Ford Ranger

Arguably South Africa’s favourite bakkie at least half of the time is the Ford Ranger. Having come in second to the Toyota Hilux, in terms of sales figures, at the end of 2015; the Ford Ranger is set to dominate 2016 after a great start in the early months of this year.

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  1. Nissan NP200

This particular model from list-dominator, Nissan, was consistently ranked among the top 5 best selling pickup trucks in South Africa in 2015 and is as such perhaps the most consistently loved bakkie in South Africa. Driving its popularity home is the Nissan NP200’s affordability coupled with its reliability and engine specs.

Best selling bakkies - wp motors

  1. Chevrolet Utility

Another contender, perhaps on the merit of affordability, is the Chevrolet Utility. With superior fuel efficiency and a killer price-tag; the Chevrolet Utility is one of South Africa’s best selling bakkies.

Best selling bakkies - wp motors

  1. Isuzu KB

A staple in the Natal Midlands, especially among those in the farming community, the Isuzu KB deserves a mention, and has long been one of the best selling bakkies in South Africa.

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  1. Nissan NP300 Hardbody

Another Nissan cracking our Top 10 is the Nissan NP300 Hardbody, big brother to the NP200. With a little more to give for a little more out of your pocket; the Nissan NP300 Hardbody is a best-seller.

Best selling bakkies - wp motors

  1. Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen’s best selling bakkie of 2015/16 is the Volkswagen Amarok! Available in both the 2.0 TDI basic model and a Double Cab 2.0 biTDI Highline; with the Volkswagen Amarok you’re spoilt for choice.

Best selling bakkies - wp motors

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser PU

The Toyota Land Cruiser is Toyota’s second entry on our list due to its popularity as a safari vehicle throughout Southern Africa. A best-seller in the safari category, and a best selling bakkie, Toyota sure knows how to sell a pickup in Africa.

Best selling bakkies - wp motors

  1. Mazda BT-50

Mazda’s top selling bakkie of 2015/16, the Mazda BT-50, cracks our list as one of South Africa’s best-selling bakkies of ‘15/16.

 Best selling bakkies - wp motors

  1. Nissan Navara

Dominating the list with a third, and final, entry; Nissan adds its monster, the Nissan Navara, to our list of top 10 best selling bakkies in South Africa.

Best selling bakkies - wp motors


*Condensed and edited from the October 2015 article “Top 10 Best-Selling bakkies in South Africa” by a Staff Writer at

Best selling bakkies - WP Motors

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