Top 3 Places In Cape Town To Get A Car Wash

Splish Splash take your car for a bath

In the movies washing your car with friends and family becomes a weekend activity – full of soap fights and smiles – but in reality it’s tedious, and time-consuming, and odds are your significant other doesn’t take too kindly to being harassed with the hosepipe. So you decide to take your car to the car wash. But we’ve all heard the horror stories; they accidentally wind your window down before washing it and your upholstery gets soaked if not irreparably damaged; you drive through the machine and something goes wrong and one of the big rollers scrapes the paintwork instead of gently scrubbing the dust and dead insects off your bumper; there’s a million things that could go wrong and you’re left unsure which is the lesser of the two evils: take your car to the car wash, or waste the time washing it yourself by hand?

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We know your car is your baby, and we know you want your baby in the best hands possible but that those hands cannot always be your own; so we’ve taken the liberty of bringing you a list of the

Top 3 Places in the greater Cape Town area to get a car wash, courtesy of

  1. Crossley & Webb

Ranked first out of the 90 car washes listed on, Crossley & Webb is located at 15 Solan Street, Gardens, 8001, Cape Town and specializes in the sale, servicing and detailing of classic and sports cars. If Daddy Warbucks could trust them with his Rolls, and he would, you can trust them to take the best possible care of your baby. Scoring an impressive 8.7 out of 10 on’s scale, Crossley & Webb should be your number one stop; especially if you’re driving a classic or sports car, in which case their services extend to repairs, servicing and restoration! Keep your dream car in as-new condition with Crossley & Webb.
car wash cape town - wp motors

  1. Topwash

Topwash, located in Rontree Avenue in Camps Bay, is a very close second! With a nail-bitingly close 8.6 out of 10 on’s scale Topwash could be considered the everyman’s Crossley & Webb. Offering a pick-up and drop-off service for clients or their cars, Topwash goes above and beyond to make your car wash experience a good one. What separates Topwash from Crossley & Webb is Crossley & Webb’s ability to work on classic cars as well as luxury vehicles – that being said; as long as you’re not driving a restored Ferrari from the early 1940s, your car would be equally as safe in the hands of Topwash as they would at Crossley & Webb. On the other hand… if you are driving a restored Ferrari from the early 1940s, maybe Crossley & Webb are your guys.     

  1. AVIS Cape Town International

A wild-card number 3, AVIS at the Cape Town International airport has been rated 8.5 out of 10 on Whether you need to rent a car, wash a car, or wash a rental car, AVIS Cape Town International has got your back.

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